NLP Practitioner Level1

NLP Practitioner Level1 - NLP

₹ 5000 / $ 100
Bachelor of Science (BSc), Hospitality Administration/Man...

This program covers key concepts and benefits of NLP{Neuro Linguistic Programming) and how You can transform your life by applying your learning.
  • 7 Module(s)
  • 3 hours : 0 minutes
  • Certificate Issued
  • Self Assessment: 6
  • 0.0 hour(s)

Training Benefits

  • You will learn about NLP concepts such as metaphors, anchoring, creative visualisation
  • You will be able to instantly move into a positive frame of mind with increased self confidence
  • You will learn to build powerful personal and professional relationships
  • You will learn how to become a powerful communicator
  • You will also learn how to overcome emotions of fear, anger and guilt
  • You will learn about the 'secrets' of world achievers and what is unique in their approach to goal setting

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