About ekLakshya

ekLakshya is a transformational learning environment that will enrich and enhance your life, with an in-depth focus on self exploration and self development.


With use of technology we make this available to you at your convenience, accessible from the comforts of your home. ekLakshya uses self-paced learning, online live seminars, structured programs, story telling, interviews, individual mentoring,coaching and master-classes to enable You to have an enriching learning experience.




Transform your life

With ekLakshya, learn self exploration, turn around the way you feel, think and act and put this into practice in your daily life.


Earn Training Certificates

On successful completion of a training with ekLakshya, you will be awarded a certificate of completion, as per ekLakshya policies



Learn as a team

With ekLakshya, learn from the experiences and knowledge of your fellow learners, in online forums and in master classes


Find your mentor

While learning at ekLakshya, you can get mentoring and coaching from world-renowned life transformation specialists


ekLakshya Board Members


Vivek G Pawar


ekLakshya will enable use of innovative training and mentoring methodologies enabled by technology thereby accelerating life transformation



Mohammed Rafi


ekLakshya provides the opportunity to get connected with and reach out to a global audience without having to travel and be physically present in the classroom





" The content of the course was very informative and given in a special style where fast learning and practicing was possible and pleasant at the same time. Mr. Mohammed Rafi was giving the course from his heart and has touched each one of the participants deeply and only in two days many changes in our areas of improvement was noticeable. I have learned a lot from this course on a personal and professional level. "

- Ms. Sarah Abdelal ( Teacher and Therapist – Dubai )

"Vivek's presentation on goal setting was offered with such clarity that it brought about a paradigm shift to the way I approach my objectives. The personal life experience examples he quoted doubled the impact. With the new found insight, I was able to set specific & measurable goals for short, medium and long term, covering various areas of my life.

The visualisation technique I learnt during the goal setting session has been helping me immensely in pursuing my goals. I truly feel privileged to have had the opportunity to interact with Vivek."

- Mahesh Hiremath,IT Consultant. Route Consulting Limited

"Mohammed helped me on a journalistic project to understand how Vedic sciences can be relevant to a management and leadership environment, how our own fears and biases prevent us from stepping above conflicts, seeing the simple solutions and ensuring that we are solving our intended problems (instead of just more consequences). He was easy to work with and had a proactive communication style."

- Brad Bernard,Strategic Finance Executive